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Hosts across the capital are looking to earn extra money by sharing space in their homes. However, a lack of clear rules and regulations for home sharing has hindered economic benefits in the area. Airbnb is working to encourage policymakers to provide clarity on home sharing and highlight the benefits home sharing brings to the city. In 2015, the Airbnb community in Berlin generated €370 million in economic activity, while the typical host earned €1,800 by sharing their space. Home sharing does not take away housing from the Berlin market. Airbnb listings account for less than 1 percent of the existing housing in Berlin. We want everyone to get to know the regular Berliners who share their homes, to hear their stories and to understand how home sharing benefits Berlin.

73% hosts who share their permanent homes

34 nights booked per year for a typical listing

1,800 annual earnings for a typical host

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Home sharers from Berlin-Neukölln organised the first Merchant Walk in Berlin to support businesses in their district. Home sharers support their local economy by recommending small businesses and local coffee shops. Get a glimpse of the first Merchant Walk in Berlin:

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We believe the best way to understand the positive impact of home sharing in Berlin and around the world is through our hosts’ own personal stories. Get to know some of our Berlin hosts and learn why they love opening their homes:

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New Study: Airbnb has ‘No Significant Impact’ on Berlin Housing Market

A study, which was commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by GEWOS, found that Airbnb has no significant impact on Berlin Housing Market: Airbnb listings account for only 0.6 percent of the housing stock.

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Every host has their own Airbnb story. Some host to help make ends meet and some travel abroad to experience life as a local.